Those three words are pretty bold, especially when we’ve only been around just over 6 years:

“‘Of all time’ is used to make a comparison, stating that something is the best throughout the ages.”

We’re pleased to report that DuetsBlog continues to be recognized as one of the top twenty-five intellectual property law blogs “of all time” — or, we might way, “throughout the ages.”

Hat tip to the Copyright Litigation Blog:

“Justia’s Blawgsearch Ranks the “Most Popular” intellectual property law blogs.  Out of 461 intellectual property law blogs listed in total by Justia, here are the top 25 of “all time.”  Visiting each one shows you just how alive thinking is in patent, trademark, copyright and related fields and how the blogosphere opened up this field of interest to public scrutiny and healthy debate.”

And another hat tip, to our friend Ron Coleman over at his Likelihood of Confusion blog.

We’re honored, as the graduating-kindergartner among the bunch, to be included in such impressive and adult company of lawyers . . . .

We’re not too shabby when it comes to rankings in the branding world either (top thirty “at the moment”) . . . . and no worries, we have no intention of resting on our laurels.