-Martha Engel, Attorney

The day has finally arrived – the beginning of 2016 presidential debate season!  The best reality TV showdown around!  Democrat or Republican, I don’t discriminate, political debates are probably the only fighting “sport” in a ring that I enjoy watching.  Fox finalized its debate card for the first debate of the season and, with the number of candidates, settled on an opening showdown and a prime-time main event.  So I thought why not have a DuetsBlog logo smackdown!

The early draw (with strong potential for gaffes and oopsies) features candidates that aren’t polling as high as the 10 candidates in the main event.  (Jim Gilmore doesn’t appear to even have a logo yet.).  Definitely some points here for thinking outside the box when it comes to some of these logos.

In the main event, we have this following group of presidential potentials.  While Trump has been getting much attention, he doesn’t seem to have a logo or an established campaign website, so I included the logo below that seemed most fitting.



Then, on the Democrats’ side we have these declared candidates:


Hillary’s logo has been the subject of much ridicule, including an arrow pointing directly towards “the right” and seemingly similar to a hospital sign.   To me, her logo seems basic, cold, square, and rigid.  I’d like to see the other logo options were presented to her that she turned down in favor of that one.

Your brand is your promise to your consumer, and your logo is the key way that you communicate your brand and your identity to your consumer.  Without overstating the obvious, presidential campaigns are brands too, but given the logos above, are they selling hope, change, or really anything?  Or are they really just more of the same?  Why in the high stakes road to 2016 do we seem to not yet have something akin the Obama “O” logo?  Start your own debate below and let us know what you think of these presidential logos.