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Farewell, Duets

Posted in Mixed Bag of Nuts

–Catlan McCurdy, Attorney Well, Duets, I have some bad news. I’m hitting the road. It wasn’t anything you did, seriously. It really is me, not you. I’m relocating to Washington DC, and while I may pop up as a guest blogger, this may be the last time we see each other officially. It’s been almost… Continue Reading

Update on Tory Burch Lawsuit

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–Catlan McCurdy, Attorney The Tory Burch C. Wonder saga has drawn to a close, and sadly for this captive audience member, due to a settlement agreement. On the evening of December 26, 2012, Tory Burch announced that she and her ex-husband, Chris Burch, had come to an agreement to settle all pending legal claims between… Continue Reading

Antigua and Barbuda: Haven from Minnesota Winters and Copyright Infringement

Posted in Copyrights, International

–Catlan McCurdy, Attorney When you’re attempting to seek financial retribution from the United States, you have to get a little creative. And it sounds like Antigua and Barbuda employ some creative people. The Carribean nation, known for its beaches, weather, and gambling,  once thrived on a gambling industry that employed 5 percent of its people. The… Continue Reading

Spicy Trademarks Warm Up Minneapolis

Posted in Food, Trademarks

–Catlan McCurdy, Attorney Wintertime in Minneapolis means a number of things for working professionals downtown. It means we have to start driving to work instead of bicycling, we wear Sorel boots and switch out for professional shoes at the office, and we eat almost exclusively at restaurants connected via skyway. For those of you who… Continue Reading

C. Wonder – Not So Wonderful According to Tory Burch

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–Catlan McCurdy, Attorney Tory Burch, a designer known for her colorful, yet accessible preppy styles and signature double-T medallion, has a new contender to deal with in the fashion world, and unfortunately it’s her ex-husband and former business partner, Chris Burch. Chris opened up his own store in 2011, under the unfortunate name C. Wonder, which,… Continue Reading

Copyright Protection for Clothing Designs Unlikely to Pass in 2013

Posted in Copyrights, SoapBox

–Catlan McCurdy, Attorney Copycat dress from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (left) and Alexander McQueen dress (right) Warner Brothers certainly could have afforded to buy an authentic Alexander McQueen rather than copying. As the year draws to an end and newly elected members of Congress celebrate over mimosas this morning, I thought we’d check… Continue Reading

Louboutin Keeps Its Trademark Registration

Posted in Famous Marks, Infringement, Trademarks

–Catlan McCurdy, Attorney The most publicized trademark lawsuit in 2012 has now come to a close, and while Louboutin was denied its motion for a preliminary injunction, the company should be happy it didn’t lose everything. As you might recall, the District Court initially denied Louboutin’s motion in August 2011 and then went one step too… Continue Reading

How Well Do You Know Your Logos?

Posted in Branding, Trademarks

–Catlan McCurdy, Attorney Bored one evening in college and watching re-runs of Seinfeld, a friend and I devised what we thought to be a pretty ingenious game. Be the first to correctly guess the brand behind the commercial and ye shall be declared the winner. Loser drinks.  Before you start judging, just remember that as freshman we… Continue Reading

New Cheerios Billboards: Keeping it Simple

Posted in Advertising, Branding, Famous Marks, Trademarks

–Catlan McCurdy, Attorney Driving down the highway the other day, I spotted a new billboard. There were no brand names associated with the ad, and the entire sign consisted of only a single word: Love. And yet, I instantly understood the connection: Cheerios. With its bright yellow background and black characteristic font, the billboard looks… Continue Reading

DIY Louboutin: A Can of Red Paint and $30 Pumps

Posted in Sight, Trademarks

–Catlan McCurdy, Attorney Over at DuetsBlog, we have been anxiously awaiting the Second Circuit’s decision in Christian Louboutin v. Yves Saint Laurent. It was predicted that a decision would be made by early Spring 2012. Meanwhile, the French have already made their decision and moved on, covered by our own Tiffany Blofield here. The British,… Continue Reading

Update on Pinterest and Copyright Infringement: Still Pinning

Posted in Almost Advice, Copyrights, Fair Use, Infringement

–Catlan McCurdy, Attorney Earlier this spring, I discussed copyright liability for Pinterest users, anticipating that the debate would continue into the summer. But concerns over pinning copyrighted material has petered out faster than the public’s interest in Tom Cruise, and after attending a fantastic Social Media and Law panel discussion on Tuesday, I’m wondering if… Continue Reading

Record Labels Losing Sight of the Purpose Behind Copyright Termination Rights

Posted in Copyrights

–Catlan McCurdy, Attorney As we approach the mid point of 2012, I can’t help but look forward to 2013 and the copyright issues yet to surface. Of course, I speak of the right-that-shall-not-be-named: termination. Briefly, termination (also called reversion) rights were built into the Copyright Act in Section 304(c) to protect authors of older works… Continue Reading

Pinterest, Thy Name is Fair Use

Posted in Almost Advice, Copyrights, Fair Use, First Amendment, Infringement

–Catlan McCurdy, Attorney   First, there was copyright. Then, there was Pinterest. And now, there is drama. The words “copyright infringement” and “Pinterest” have been thrown around a lot recently, mainly due to the blog post of one photographer/lawyer, Kirsten Kowalski. Kirsten recently blogged about her decision to break up with Pinterest aka delete her inspiration boards, and… Continue Reading

LMFAO: Scandalous and We Know It

Posted in Trademarks, USPTO

–Catlan McCurdy, Attorney The band LMFAO is coming to Minneapolis this May. The band’s name, a mouthful of letters sadly capable of no shorter nickname, is derived from Internet slang that evolved from LOL to LMAO to LMFAO.  If you don’t know the meaning behind each acronym, I’ll leave your capable fingers to the Internet… Continue Reading

Our Youngest Consumers

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–Catlan McCurdy, Attorney Everyone who has children, or has been around them knows that even at a very young age, kids develop favorites. Usually it’s a favorite stuffed animal, a favorite outfit, or a favorite food. In my case, it was a favorite superstition, where I believed that by wearing black and white striped knee… Continue Reading

Clap Your Hands if You Believe in Fairies (Food)

Posted in Trademarks

–Catlan McCurdy, Attorney I celebrated Christmas in Wisconsin for the first time this year, and in addition to trying new beers and gallivanting around Milwaukee, I was introduced to a delicacy I had yet to encounter in life: fairy food. Fairy food, for those non-believers, is a chocolate candy, with a sponge-like center made from… Continue Reading

The Fashion Bill Slowly Creeps Towards Becoming a Law

Posted in Copyrights

–Catlan McCurdy, Attorney Above, my favorite latest designer ripoff – the Kate Middleton wedding dress. A cheaper version of the Alexander McQueen designer’s, Sara Burton, vision, so now every bride can feel like a princess… (photo credit to Mirror.co.uk) With New York Fashion Week nearing its end, and the whirl of Forever 21’s sewing machines beginning… Continue Reading

Louboutin in Danger of Losing the Red-Soled Trademark

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–Catlan McCurdy, Attorney In April of this year, shoe designer, Christian Louboutin, turned heads in the fashion and trademark crowds when the brand sued Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) for infringing Louboutin’s signature look: red-soled shoes. Duets covered it here. Both interested lawyers and fashion aficionados have been awaiting some form of decision, and our wishes… Continue Reading