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Don’t Get TRUMPed By a First-Filer

Posted in Almost Advice, Branding, Infringement, Loss of Rights, Trademarks

-Wes Anderson, Attorney Reading over this story on Donald Trump’s decades of headaches (and conveniently-timed successes) with the TRUMP trademark and the Chinese Trademark Office, I was reminded, as I always am, of the importance of filing federal trademark applications. The examination process for Trump’s marks in China, and the Chinese trademark enforcement regime generally,… Continue Reading

Apple vs. Apple: Protecting Your Brand Abroad

Posted in Branding, Famous Marks, International, Trademarks

–Sharon Armstrong, Attorney The inquiring minds at TechDirt have unearthed a spat between Apple and Woolworths (the supermarket chain in New Zealand and Australia) due to the latter’s adoption of a curly-cue-letter-W-shaped mark, shown below:   Putting aside dilution issues, the central question would appear to be whether confusion is possible, let alone likely, given… Continue Reading

Securing the Desired Turf For A Trademark Battle

Posted in Advertising, Agreements, Dilution, Famous Marks, Infringement, Law Suits, Trademarks

Let’s talk turf today, two kinds. OK, maybe three. First, with Target Field looking more and more like the long-anticipated brand new outdoor home ballpark for the Minnesota Twins, all Twins fans and the local media can think or talk about this week is the new real bluegrass blend turf being installed now (as I type this blog post, in… Continue Reading