Social Media Marketing

Last week, Jack Ellis of World Trademark Review, did a very interesting piece on something called “invisible branding”: “Trademark-free marketing: should other companies follow Ford?”

In it, Ellis explores Ford Motor Company’s recent decision to utilize no trademark or brand references in Ford’s “Go Further” advertising campaign.

It is interesting timing for Ford to

It’s on my profile, but I’ll tell you again—an attorney I am not. From a legal standpoint, I’m not qualified to tell you why brands and/or businesses should grab their social network names while they are still available (Dan Kelly is, and he’ll be tackling that on Friday). However, I am qualified to tell

It’s not a secret that repeating an action makes it a habit. The same applies to marketing, as my boss (the wonderful Deb Cochran) always says, "do it once, use it seven times."

Television and print advertising are the most notable, of course. How many times do you see the same commercial during an

The buying and selling of goods and services is NOT what it used to be. The market is more competitive; big corporations and businesses are no longer on top despite (perhaps in spite of) their size. And consumers…well, we now have platforms that have the potential to reach millions to get out our message—good or