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Testing Trademark Law: U.S. Chamber of Commerce v. The Yes Men

Posted in Counterfeits, Dilution, Domain Names, Famous Marks, First Amendment, Infringement, Law Suits, Trademarks

–Dan Kelly, Attorney Last week, a group calling themselves The Yes Men apparently perpetrated an elaborate hoax to usurp the corporate persona of the United States Chamber of Commerce, to the point of publishing a fake website and holding a press conference at the National Press Club, posing as the Chamber itself.   (Image of genuine website… Continue Reading

Supreme Court Asked to Review Washington Redskins Trademark Case

Posted in Advertising, Branding, First Amendment, Law Suits, Marketing, Trademarks, TTAB

Back in May, I wrote a piece entitled "Re-Branding Madness in Washington" Overlooks Obvious: The Washington Redskins," discussing the trademark cancellation action that I filed on behalf of seven prominent Native American leaders back in September 1992 (Harjo et al v. Pro-Football, Inc.), and calling for the football team to "hire a branding guru to engage… Continue Reading