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What is Maker’s Mark’s Mark?

Posted in Branding, Famous Marks, Product Packaging, Sight, Trademarks

–Sharon Armstrong, Attorney Last Friday, a federal court in Kentucky ruled that Fortune Brands, the maker of Maker’s Mark bourbon, enjoys exclusive rights in the dripping wax seal that adorns each bottle of the spirit. (You can read about the case in earlier stages in Dan’s post, here.). Fortune had sued Diageo, another beverage giant and maker… Continue Reading

Do You Seal What I Seal? A Suit on Wax Bottle Seals

Posted in Branding, Dilution, Food, Infringement, Non-Traditional Trademarks, Product Packaging, Sight, Trademarks

–Dan Kelly, Attorney Have you ever seen a bottle with a top that resembles this image?  Do you associate it with a single source?  Do you associate it with a particular product?  If so, which source or product?  Would you think that the product pictured below comes from the same source?   How about this… Continue Reading