–Susan Perera, Attorney

It’s that time of year again, when retail stores featuring ghosts, goblins, and all things spooky begin to appear. This year multiple parties went trick or treating at the USPTO to register their trademarks for Halloween retail store services, and apparently they weren’t all reading Steve’s post from earlier this year regarding

If you don’t mind the wait, a crowded parking lot is often a good strategy when hunting for an excellent restaurant while you’re in unfamiliar territory. Similarly, a large crowd lining up outside a retail store is typically a good sign that the business is doing something right, or perhaps, they just happen to have something rare that everyone wants.

–Dan Kelly, Attorney

I recently spotted this bit in an ad flyer:

And it got me to thinking, what makes a fluorescent shoplight “high performance?”  Does American Fluorescent make a non-high performance shoplight, or just a regular performance shoplight?  If so, how is it advertised?

When it comes to laudatory terms, trademark law mirrors common