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What Is in a Name? That Which We Call Heisman; by Any Other Name Would Be Ambiguous

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It’s fall, and you know what that means: football season! For many, this means a return to the couch each weekend to spectate America’s most-watched sport. But the popularity of doing so appears to be in decline. This shift isn’t only affecting the NFL, but also college football as well, as ticket sales continue to plummet…. Continue Reading

“We’re waiting for the rest of it . . . .”

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Sixteen pairs of experienced computer users are asked to beta test your on-line product and each of them just stare at the screen until they are asked "what’s wrong?" They reply almost in unison, "we’re waiting for the rest of it." Would you have been discouraged by their almost unanimous response? Kind of like the emperor,… Continue Reading

Shaq is Attacking to Protect His Likeness

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You may have heard the phrase “Shaq Attaq” referring to the famous NBA player and gold medal winner Shaquille O’Neal’s basketball skills.  While he played basketball in Arizona for the Phoenix Suns, the Arizonians nicknamed him “The Big Cactus” and “The Big Shaqtus” in reference to the combination of Mr. O’Neal and an Arizona cactus…. Continue Reading