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Inherently Distinctive Product Packaging?

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Earlier this month, we asked whether [yo]gurt(lab) has an inherently distinctive interior restaurant environment? This week, we’re focused on product packaging, and ask whether Spine Vodka has enough meat on the bones to satisfy the trademark test for an inherently distinctive product package design? This little gem of an image surfaced in a LinkedIn discussion where I learned… Continue Reading

Inherently Distinctive Restaurant Interior?

Posted in Branding, Domain Names, Food, Marketing, Non-Traditional Trademarks, Sight, Trademarks

We recently focused our attention on a very unique-looking, dare I say distinctive, retail store exterior design; for a quick reminder, see here. The recent craze for self-serve frozen yogurt shops — where you pay by the ounce (or perhaps, by the pound), has us focused today on a pretty darn unique interior retail environment: This is… Continue Reading