— Karen Brennan, Attorney

If you were a teenage girl in the 1980’s, you either owned a pair of Guess® jeans or begged your mother night and day to own a pair (to which she most likely replied “you can beg until you are blue in the face, but I am not paying $60 for jeans”).  The famous upside down triangle with a question mark was the status symbol for a teenager in the 80’s.

Well, the 80’s are back in fashion. The comeback started a few years ago with skinny jeans, leggings and Swatch watches and just keeps growing.  With the resurgence of 80’s fashion all around us, I have to wonder, where is the triangle mark?

Guess® jeans were introduced in 1981 with the soon-to-be famous mark on the back pocket, starting a craze that lasted for years.  In fact, the company is credited as one of the first to create designer jeans by prominently featuring the triangle mark on the back pocket.  If you wore the jeans, you made sure the mark was seen.

According to Wikipedia, the 1990’s brought a downturn for the company, but has recently began making a comeback.  While the company appears to be using the original triangle mark on some accessories and swimwear, I didn’t see it on women’s jeans.  In the opinion of one humble teenager of the 80’s, the company should take advantage of the return of 80’s fashion and bring back the mark.  I am guessing it would sell some jeans!