The really big news that commanded attention was back in July 2020, when the NFL franchise near Washington, D.C. announced it would be “retiring the R*dskins name and logo.” You may recall this gem: NEVER Means Forever, Until it Doesn’t.

Honestly, after two seasons of the team using the generic Washington Football Team name, I had wondered whether Daniel Snyder had given up on brands and if a new name ever would come, but today there is some news to report.

As NPR has reported today: The Washington Football Team’s New Name is the Washington Commanders. Apparently the Today show broke the story.

The team didn’t break any speed records, however, as nearly thirteen years ago, I made this observation: Re-Branding Madness in Washington Overlooks Obvious.

While Daniel Snyder may not have given up on branding, stay tuned as to whether he has given up on trademarks, as of today, I could only find two federal applications on file at the USPTO containing WASHINGTON and COMMANDERS.

Neither Washington Wolf Commanders nor Washington Space Commanders appear to be associated with the team.