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Jager Fears the Deer: Brand Refresh Turns Into Battle

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The word “Jägermeister” conjures up memories (or maybe lapses in memory) for many.  I have only had the German liqueur in the beautiful blue-collar town of Milwaukee, WI – home of my college alma mater.  While you would never catch me ordering the liqueur, I was fascinated by the cool and well-lit dispensing machine behind… Continue Reading

America’s Most Watered-Down Beer (Name)?

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Last week the Twittersphere was chirping loudly and negatively in response to reports that Belgian-owned Inbev would be replacing the Budweiser brand name with “America” on beer cans, as shown above. No bow-tie can shape in this campaign, but the logo is to be on the can’s back. Headlines like these, suggesting a permanent change… Continue Reading

A Less Possessive Hershey’s Brand?

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The possessive form of the Hershey’s brand dates back to at least as early as 1894, according to U.S. Reg. No. 54,041 — a more than 100 year old trademark registration from 1906. Last week, Brand New reported on Hershey’s new logo and corporate identity — without the apostrophe and letter “s” at the end: I’m guessing that the possessive form… Continue Reading

What’s In A Name? Sometimes Good, Sometimes Bad, Sometimes Ugly

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A local controversy has recently appeared over the name of one of Minneapolis’s local lakes – Lake Calhoun.  Apparently, this lake was named after John C. Calhoun who, as secretary of war, established Fort Snelling in Minnesota. According to John Winters, a “local civil war history buff,” Mr. Calhoun held pro-slavery views during the early 1800’s. As… Continue Reading

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

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The importance of logos in branding has been discussed in detail. Although words are generally thought of as the most dominant portion of a trademark because they are spoken by consumers, the logos themselves convey equally powerful and important messages. Which is why this element in the overall branding strategy should be cleared by trademark counsel prior… Continue Reading