As you may recall, back in October, Randall Hull of The Br@nd Ranch® wrote about the Brinks Home Security re-brand to Broadview Security, in his post Will Any Old B-Word Do?

This was Randall’s assessment:

Personally, when I think Brink’s I see a big Rottweiler eyeing you warily. With Broadview I imagine a yappy Chihuahua chasing its tail.

It is Arnold Schwarzenegger versus Arnold Stang. Who would you choose to defend your assets?

I recently snapped the above photo showing the Broadview Security logo in the window of a retail business, so it appears the re-brand has extended beyond home security to commercial as well.

Seems to me Randall’s skepticism about the strength (or more properly, the lack thereof) of the Broadview name is even stronger in the context of commercial security.

What do you think? Is this re-brand doing its job?

  • Hi Steve,
    Thanks for the mention. I stand by my original assessment. Even adding this new segment to their business model doesn’t help a weak name.
    A friend of mine says Broadview is a double entendre. He has a vivid imagination as well as a large collection of Hooters t-shirts.

  • Absolutely. I am not a fan of the Broadview name but, as far as I can see, the brand is working well and has been executed with conviction. There is a misapprehension abroad that Brinks changed its name to Broadview for no good reason and the subsequent “rebrand” has been the subject of some criticism as a result. Brinks effectively sold the business. Broadview is a new company; it is not, strictly speaking, a rebrand. Broadview should be assessed on its own terms, and not as a “Brinks v. Broadview” calculation. Of course, Brinks is a better brand name because it is synonymous with security. But, truth be told, it’s an odd name for any business in absolute terms.