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If Only HoneyCrisp Was an Apple Trademark

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Yeah, we usually mean this Apple, when we spill digital ink, not today, instead the edible varieties: Hat tip to Erik Pelton who tweeted about the federal registration of LUDACRISP for fresh apples. We know something about non-ludicrous trademark protection for apples > First Kiss and Rave. They are newly minted brands for the MN55 Apple, a cross… Continue Reading

The Internet of Names: CES Round-Up

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– Laurel Sutton, Senior Strategist & Linguist at Catchword Brand Name Development CES 2016 (January 6-9, 2016) has come and gone, and, as always, offered up a rich selection of new product and company names for analysis (and occasional mockery). Questionable name choices for “innovative” products pop up every day, but only at CES are… Continue Reading

10 Reasons To Change Your Name

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– Mark Prus, Principal, NameFlash I’m often asked by companies if they should change the name of a product, service or even the company itself. Here is my shortlist of 10 really good reasons to change your name: People Can’t Pronounce or Spell Your Name – Here are a few of the names chosen by… Continue Reading


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– Mark Prus, Principal, NameFlash I’m often hired for name development by entrepreneurs who are starting a business. However, many founders take the “do-it-yourself” approach to name development. Sometimes that works for them, but all too often they make a horrible mistake that is easily preventable. My basis for this conclusion? Here are a few… Continue Reading

The Minus One Moment of Truth – The Answer to Your Naming Challenge

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– Mark Prus, Principal, NameFlash Back in the mid-2000s, A.G. Lafley (during his first tour of duty as CEO of P&G) championed the “First Moment of Truth” which represented the time when people are looking at the store shelf and trying to decide whether to buy the product. Later, P&G emphasized the “Second Moment of… Continue Reading

Dear Entrepreneur Who Needs A Name: Do Not Let Tactics Drive Your Strategy

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– Mark Prus, Principal, NameFlash There was an article this summer in the Wall Street Journal called, “Why Startups Are Sporting Increasingly Quirky Names.” The author indicated that this trend was being driven by a “lack of short, recognizable URLs” which “prompts use of misspellings and word mash-ups” in the names of new startups. One… Continue Reading

Re-Branding Can Be A Painful Experience

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This roadside sign near exit 115 on Interstate 94 in Wisconsin was hard to resist capturing. My first thought: I hope more care goes into the tattoo removal process than it took to create the cold, basic sign shown here. And, hearing how painful tattoo removal is, the stark blood red letters don’t demonstrate an interest to calm… Continue Reading

Incongruity in Advertising?

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My post from a couple of days ago, commenting on Chick-fil-A’s EAT MOR CHIKIN slogan and the associated Cow Campaign and advertisements, neglected to discuss an issue — one so important — that I’m compelled to raise it now, as it appears to have disturbed my otherwise healthy cognitive system. It has disturbed me as much as one of my amphibian-loving sons was… Continue Reading

Visa Branding: A Combined Alpha & Brand Verbing Alert

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We have been following the truncation trend to single-letter branding symbols for some time now. Visa appears to be heading in this direction with the relatively new V logo:                                                                              Based on trademark filings at the USPTO, it appears Visa began using this single-letter V logo by itself back in 2008 with the launch of a… Continue Reading

Unintended Irony in a Business Name?

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Common sense probably dictates that if you take the time and effort to create, build, and position signage to help sell what it is you’re selling, the sign should be visible, right? Especially in these tough times, when you’re selling real estate, and this is the view from the road: Then again, maybe not, especially if you’ve adopted a business… Continue Reading

How Do You Know?

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—Mark Prus, Marketing Consultant at NameFlashSM I received a lot of terrific feedback on my recent Duets Blog post “When Should You Change Your Name?” Consider this Volume 2 in the series.   After you have decided to change your name, “How Do You Know When You Have Identified a Great Name?”  This could also… Continue Reading

When Should You Change Your Name?

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—Mark Prus, Marketing Consultant at NameFlashSM In my NameFlashSM name development business, I sometimes get asked by clients, “Should I change my brand name?” From a purely selfish standpoint my answer should be “YES!” because I get paid to generate names! But the reality is that there are times when you should not change your… Continue Reading

Good Name, Bad Name? It Depends.

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—Mark Prus, Principal, NameFlashSM Name Development There is a local furniture store in Pittsburgh called Colonial Modern Furniture. Its slogan is “It’s Colonial. It’s Modern. And everything in between.” This demonstrates one of the biggest mistakes people make in picking a name—developing a name that tries to speak to everyone. I’m sorry, but apart from… Continue Reading

The Night (Some of) the Lights Went Out at Sears

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Sorry, I couldn’t resist snapping this photo tonight at the local Sears appliance store: Could Sears be going green and saving some electricity? Could Sears be suggesting it is ready to carefully listen to your requests and/or complaints? Or, has Sears found a creative way to promote its sale of Ultimate Ears earphones in the dark? More seriously, this… Continue Reading

Mastering Your Domain

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—Nancy Friedman, Chief Wordworker at Wordworking; and author of Fritinancy “All the good ones are taken!” Without fail, that’s the lament I hear most frequently from my naming clients. They’re not complaining about legally available trademarks—they’re talking about Internet domains. They want short ones: five letters would be nice. (Uh-huh.) They want “clean” ones: no… Continue Reading