Aaron Keller’s keen branding and naming points yesterday — prompted by his recent encounter with a physician by the name of Dr. Cure, are well taken.

Building upon that +5 naming scale theme, with a surname like Trim, especially if it is Will Trim, you might expect a personal trainer at one of the local health clubs, unless of course, that be not his calling:

Then again, Reverend Trim certainly works the upper end of the +5 naming scale, much better than Mr. Trim, especially when it comes to promoting the development of spiritual fitness at the Uptown Assembly of God in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

  • I have to say Pastor Trim has it going on with his thoughtful and subtle tie to his surname. Unexpected, amusing and just enough wit to make me curious. Nicely done, and I agree +5 on the naming scale. It takes gumption to push the name scale and put it up on a billboard.