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Branding Stories Around The Lack of Memory

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I’ve been meaning to write about a TV commercial for a while, but I keep forgetting to do it. Perhaps I need the very product being advertised in the commercial, because what gained my attention was the clever tagline following the brand name: Prevagen. The Name to Remember. Given the goods being sold, it struck… Continue Reading

All for Saving the Original Minnesota State Fair Curds, Say Aye, Better Yet . . . #s and @s

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When Aaron Keller of Capsule deeply cares about an issue (in a deeply fried kind of way), it’s hard not to stand up, pay attention, and follow instructions, especially when his picture of golden little nuggetized cheese curds are involved and the Minnesota State Fair is at stake. As you might have discerned over the… Continue Reading

Aaron Keller Explains the Physics of Brand

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We enjoyed connecting with our many friends at Fuse 2017 last week in Miami Beach, and experiencing the larger-than-life Martha Stewart and the living display of her fearless brand. One of the many Fuse highlights was experiencing Aaron Keller explain the Physics of Brand, Capsule’s third book — this one Aaron Keller co-authored with Renee… Continue Reading

On Mastering U.S. Trademark Registration

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For those interested in learning more about the valuable benefits of federal trademark registration and how to successfully navigate the registration process at the USPTO, it’s time to mark your calendars for an upcoming educational opportunity in Minneapolis on Tuesday February 16, 2016. Here is the official brochure for the event, here is an online… Continue Reading

We Prefer A More Subtle, Delicate Approach

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For those of you who have been with us since the beginning of this wonderful collaboration of legal and marketing types, known as DuetsBlog, you also know we have a mascot dubbed Duey — he’s depicted in the squirrel graphic at the top of this page. Here is his story, as told by Aaron Keller… Continue Reading

A Question, a Funny and a Curiosity: Three Things Coming from a Trip to New York City

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First, the curiosity, when you see a gaggle of characters and then notice they all have “tip purses” in some form with their respective costumes, beware. In a visit with a media company in Times Square (Viacom specifically) we had to pass a few of these characters who were looking to have their photo taken… Continue Reading

Who Stole My [Pinned] Art?

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—Aaron Keller, Principal at Capsule Art, design and all that is valuable in this area has always been an interest of Capsule’s. We are in what some call the “graphic arts” business and while we never use that phrase, our appreciation for art is always present. In the last couple of weeks there have been… Continue Reading

When it Comes to Guest Blogging: Fine or Just Fine?

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In many contexts of our life experience, "fine" sadly seems to have drifted toward embodying mediocrity. Consider this all too common dialogue: "How are you?" "Oh, I’m fine."  Or, perhaps, "Just fine." Translation: "O.K.," "average," "acceptable," "passable," "satisfactory," "I can’t complain," "I’ve been better," or maybe "could be much better" . . . . After all, how interested or… Continue Reading

A New Year’s Resolution: Really?

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—Aaron Keller, Principal at Capsule Many aspire to improve our individual place in the world. Aspiration is good. There is nothing wrong with aspiring to something more than you currently are. But, when it comes to a strong brand, being honest with yourself is more important than stretching to a place you may or may… Continue Reading

Webinar: Hot Marketing Topics with Trademark & Legal Implications

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Last week I had the distinct pleasure of participating in a ninety-minute webinar with my good friend, frequent and eloquent guest-blogger on DuetsBlog — Aaron Keller of Capsule — complete with some friendly banter on the following: "Hot Marketing Topics with Trademark and Legal Implications." Minnesota Continuing Legal Education has generously provided a link where the webinar can be viewed in its entirety, here. As you’ll… Continue Reading

The Smell of Fear

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—Aaron Keller, Principal at Capsule During this time of year there are plenty of fright “experiences” where you can drag a loved one into a heart thumping confrontation of fear. These experiences are elaborately designed and those who attend know the rules, like “this one doesn’t allow the characters to touch you.” Apparently others do… Continue Reading

Vote Jank or Swank for Better Design

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—Aaron Keller, Principal at Capsule From our inception, Capsule has been seeking a definition of good design. You may even say we’ve been a bit obsessed. Why? If we can define what good design is, we may be able to more readily identify bad design. It means saying one thing is good and one bad,… Continue Reading

Can You Put Toothpaste Back in a Tube?

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—Aaron Keller, Principal at Capsule We produce intellectual property. We use our brains, our hands and our hearts to design engaging experiences for our clients. Whether its a package design, a logo or a name, we pour passion into creating intellectual property. So, here’s an interesting story and we’d like to get a perspective on… Continue Reading

FUSE: Sharing Extraordinary Experiences

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—Aaron Keller, Principal, Capsule We partook in the sharing and enjoyed the conversations. The FUSE Conference, is not about splintering. It also isn’t about specialization or close-minded thinking. FUSE is about the disciplines of design, marketing, brand and research being brought together in a way that makes for a more engaged consumer, audience or customer…. Continue Reading

A Gunslinger’s Trademark

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—Aaron Keller, Managing Principal, Capsule Both a modern and a historical crime unintentionally depicted on the one belt buckle. You’ve heard of the Jesse James gang, immortalized by their crimes and ability to epitomize the culture of our great western states. One day, back when the James brothers were in the business of crime and… Continue Reading

Whip Me Please. Don’t Ask.

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—Aaron Keller, Capsule How do you feel when you’re being a bit indulgent? Guilty, perhaps. Sometimes it’s just something small, something you can enjoy without too much of an afterthought. The whipped cream atop your favorite coffee house (low fat) drink might be one of those treats. It is for me. But recently I’ve noticed… Continue Reading

The Designed Economy

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 —Aaron Keller, Managing Principal at Capsule The pattern of our society evolving from agrarian to manufacturing to service economy has been identified by many authors (Joseph Pine and Joe Gilmore being my favorites). Now, the next economy has been predicted to be everything from the information economy, the digital economy, the experience economy and many… Continue Reading

The Crowd Versus the Dream Team

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—Aaron Keller, Managing Principal at Capsule This is a rant. Beware and hide your eyes if your ears turn red. Why a rant? Because I’m wondering when average became great. For that matter, when did average become good? I’m not sure, but it seems like that’s what we’re striving for today: average. Let me explain… Continue Reading

Sharing Accolades

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We are humbled to share some more exciting news with you. Invesp’s list of the Top 100 Branding Blogs includes DuetsBlog, here. Thank you very much! OnlineDegree Blog has named the 50 Best Blogs for Creative Thinking, and ranked DuetsBlog as #10 on the list. Many thanks for the kind words and the strong vote of confidence!… Continue Reading