DuetsBlog celebrated its first birthday today, so that means Duey the squirrel is one year old. He has made a lot of friends over the past year (as have we), and he has come a long way (as have we) despite his exhaustion hording nuts (we haven’t done any of that) for the long cold winter we had (hopefully this remains past tense).  

This is some of what Duey has observed since our inaugural post entitled Dr. No and the Parade of Horribles:

  1. Some 350 posts (part of the reason for his exhaustion);
  2. Some 530 comments (part of the reason for your exhaustion);
  3. Some 840 followers on Twitter;
  4. Some 250,000 visits; and
  5. Us, having a lot of fun . . . .

Here is a snapshot of where we were back in July 2009, and here is one from December 2009.

Thanks to our wonderful and growing group of talented Guest Bloggers, and thanks to you for your comments and interest in the conversation we have started here on DuetsBlog.

May all collaborations between trademark types and marketing types be early, often, personable, smart, enjoyable, graceful, and mutually beneficial.