Meet Duey, the squirrel.  Protector of essential assets. He came to life in a conversation about the wonderful nuggets of creativity we find [when we’re lucky] and those who spend their career protecting these organizational assets. Stephen Baird is the ever-present Intellectual Property attorney with a special affection for Trademarks – he and his creative team of Intellectuals are ever resourceful for their clients.

But enough about them. Let’s get back to Duey B. Lichtenstein, the squirrel.

As a member of the team, Duey goes to work for his clients, finding hidden treasures and managing the process required to take them back to the nook for protection and leverage.  Duey is well aware of the fact that many lawyers are referred to as a darker part of the human anatomy. In spite of this, he has chosen to rise above and make this profession professional.

Duey was institutionally educated in a place for higher learning [translation: tall tree]. He is ever diligent in his searches, helping client after client find their way to a better asset. He doesn’t treat his search lightly, and when a nut is found, he is true to his calling.  While “persistent” may not be his middle name, it will certainly be on his gravestone.

He’s also well aware of the fact that there are few law firms in the world willing to take him on as a member of the animal kingdom. And without opposable thumbs, he has to rely heavily on dictation. And no vermin jokes, please.

Duey B. Lichtenstein, protector of brands, alter-ego of DuetsBlog, and humorist in the halls of W&W.

Aaron Keller, Capsule