It’s been a while . . . about seven months now.

As you’ll see, a few things have happened since April, when we last left you with these gems on the topic of trademark bullying: Stop Bullying the Entrepreneurs, What does Entrepreneur Mean, Anyway?, and Public Shaming is Not the Solution to Trademark Bullying. Let’s Build One

We’re thankful to be back here, to resume the legal and marketing team dance.

So, in the spirit of counting our abundant blessings, especially this week, I’d like to share with you how continuously thankful I am for:

Tiffany, Draeke, Tucker and I, with the help of others, will no doubt have some fun, thought-provoking posts for you as we look ahead to 2020, and we are so thankful to be doing so as part of the GT platform, just named U.S. News and World Report’s only Law Firm of the Year in Trademark Law for 2020.

Thank you, Susan Heller and Joel Feldman, for your incredible leadership of GT’s Trademark and Brand Management Group.

Dear readers, I am truly, continuously thankful for the ability and opportunity to stay engaged with you.

What or who are you thankful for?

  • Dan Kelly

    Welcome back! Great to see Duets back up and running again!

    • Thanks Dan, so glad to be back, as you can see from my delayed response, we’re still working through some technical issues in the transition . . .

  • welcome back! you were missed…

    • Thank you Seth, what a wonderful and generous voice of encouragement on our first day back, much appreciated!

  • So good to see you back in the intellectual property hot tub with the squirrel’s nuts intact.

  • James Mahoney

    Rats! Does this mean I have to start thinking again? ;-)

    • Thanks James — so glad to give you a reason to stay “razor” sharp, looking forward to you sharing your wisdom again soon!