It’s been a while . . . about seven months now.

As you’ll see, a few things have happened since April, when we last left you with these gems on the topic of trademark bullying: Stop Bullying the Entrepreneurs, What does Entrepreneur Mean, Anyway?, and Public Shaming is Not the Solution to Trademark

We’re always looking forward, but every once in a while we look in the rear-view mirror and become amazed at how far we’ve come since our humble beginnings a short nine years ago.

Well, it’s almost time to celebrate another birthday here at DuetsBlog, and if we make it to March 5th, Duey

–Sharon Armstrong, Attorney

We at DuetsBlog like nothing more than to be trend-spotters and, dare I say it, predictors of things to come.  Okay, maybe I’m just talking about me.

But I think it’s fair to say that a lot of us saw the concern about the treatment of so-called “green” trademarks at the United

–Sharon Armstrong, Attorney

When we discuss trademark law on this blog, our focus is often on how parties use their names and brands, how they protect them, and how they defend them.

The Olympics have raised another interesting issue about brands and sponsorship – what happens when parties are required to remain silent about brands.

–Sharon Armstrong, Attorney

I just can’t stop writing about the Olympics or, more accurately, the intellectual property enforcement efforts of the United States Olympic Committee (“USOC”).  But, then, how can I stop when the USOC continues to make such noteworthy headlines?

The most recent kerfuffle comes courtesy of popular knitting/social-networking website Ravelry, whose home

–Sharon Armstrong, Attorney

It’s that time of every-two-years ….the Olympics are coming to a screen near you!  Cue the torch, the John Williams theme, and the familiar ring of Bob Costas’ voice. 

And with these familiar sights and sounds comes another regular accompaniment to the Olympics – trademark infringers.  The Guardian reports that, near Olympic

–Sharon Armstrong, Attorney

Tomorrow begins what is possibly the most anticipated drinking, hat-wearing, and horse-racing event of the year – the Kentucky Derby.   Though I’ve never been much of a horse-racing aficionado, I have always been charmed by the spectacle, the lore, and, for lack of a better word, the accoutrements of the Kentucky Derby.