We’re always looking forward, but every once in a while we look in the rear-view mirror and become amazed at how far we’ve come since our humble beginnings a short nine years ago.

Well, it’s almost time to celebrate another birthday here at DuetsBlog, and if we make it to March 5th, Duey

We were so thankful to spend our 3rd birthday with some wonderful friends at our birthday bash on March 27.

This is what blogging (and social media) is all about. “Meeting” online, finding some commonality, and then meeting face-to-face. Forming relationships with people whom – without some kind of technology – we may never have


DuetsBlog celebrated its first birthday today, so that means Duey the squirrel is one year old. He has made a lot of friends over the past year (as have we), and he has come a long way (as have we) despite his exhaustion hording nuts (we haven’t done any of that) for the long cold