— Karen Brennan, Attorney

While browsing through a toy store recently, I noticed what appears to be a trend in branding this holiday season – reintroducing classic or “nostalgic” toys.   It is very hard for me to accept that the toys I played with as a child could be considered “nostalgic,” but upon first sight of the Chatter Phone™, my childhood was calling.

The beauty of these toys is in their simplicity.  They require imagination; as a toy should, but often doesn’t today.  Another great thing is that the toys and packaging are identical to the originals.  This is interesting from a branding and trademark standpoint in that the product, product packaging and stylized trademarks have been modernized over the years, only to return to the original version.   Some great examples include:

Fisher Price® Chatter Phone™ (with rotary dial):

 Fisher Price Classic Pull Toy: Chatter Telephone

Snoop n Sniff™, first introduced in 1938 (please note – this one is well before my time):

 Fisher Price Classic Pull Toy: Snoop n' Sniff

The Classic Slinky® in a retro box:

Classic Slinky in Retro Box

The Classic Etch A Sketch®:

Classic Etch A Sketch -  Ohio Art - Toys"R"Us

For some fun reading on other beloved brands and trademarks, check out the Brandland USA blog – “home of America’s best-loved legacy brands.”