With more than a little help from Betty White and Abe Vigoda, Mars topped USA Today’s AdMeter for 2010 Super Bowl television advertisements.

For anyone out there who thought Abe Vigoda had passed on, and Mars’ ad was just another technological resurrection of a dead actor to sell products, like me, you’re operating on old and incorrect information, really old and incorrect information.

People magazine apparently jumped the gun back in 1982, and I never caught the correction or the many running jokes that followed his premature obituary. OK, so I apparently missed every one of his film and television appearances since then too.

While we’re on the subject of missing information, for those of you who never caught my previous post about whether Mars could pursue the cross-section of a Snickers candy bar — as a trademark — here you go. For those of you who never caught Dan’s post about Snickers apparent efforts to establish non-traditional trademark rights, here you go.

Note the prominent candy bar cross-section in the final scene of the Snickers commercial?

Mars, us hungry trademark types are waiting. . . . 

UPDATE: AdvertisingAge reports that Snickers ad tops Nielsen IAG Ad Ratings too.