–Sharon Armstrong, Attorney

I have to give a shout out to my brother, Kevin, for finding and sending to me this wonderful bit of popular culture:

Watching this, all I could think about was how many bits of the Super Mario Bros. Theme instantly evoke memories of playing this game as a kid. From the opening 7-note launch sequence, to the chugging sound of entering a pipe, to the victory march when completing a round, it strikes me that the segmented blips, beeps, churns and chugs of the theme may have as much recognition value for an entire generation of Super Mario Bros. players as the theme does in its entirety.

A few months back, Dan blogged about the Apple computer startup sound, as well as the “sosumi” chime, both of which are discrete sounds that, like the Intel chime, are instantly recognizable.  What do you think about the Super Mario Bros. theme? Can you recognize it in a flute/beatbox rendition? How about a symphonic interpretation?