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You’ll notice some minor changes, but we hope things are working faster for you (and us!).

Now, on to more Duets content!

I’m filling in for Dan while he’s “on vacation” (that’s sort of a lawyer joke, sorry fellow authors).

The migration of Duets reminded me of a subject I have yet to discuss (LIE)—technology! OK…I’ll be more specific: updated or outdated technology.

Things change constantly in our world today, and I’ve gone over why we need to think ahead and get on social networks—but what about the technology mainstays—websites and blogs? It is so important for businesses to make sure their websites and blogs aren’t outdated, because this doesn’t affect you as much as it does your clients, customers and/or potential buyers.

Along with this ever-changing technology, people seem to be used to the lightning-speed of it, and have little patience for the sluggishness that can accompany outdated technology or technology that isn’t functioning correctly. So, your intended audience isn’t going to stick around to wait for it to work. They’re going to leave and go elsewhere.

Moral of the story: you don’t have to have the “latest and greatest” technology (we are all aware that it can sometimes work against you), but if your website is slow and buggy, fix it. And fix it right away, before your audience doesn’t want to come back.

Thanks to LexBlog for figuring out how to migrate all of our content to a new site, and for doing so in a speedy way!