When I snapped this photo over a month ago in Las Vegas, I figured it wouldn’t be much longer before we hear from the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in the Christian Louboutin v. Yves Saint Laurent red sole trademark infringement case.

Trademark types are anxiously waiting to hear whether the district court’s denial of Louboutin’s requested preliminary injunction against YSL’s monochrome red shoes will be overturned (hard to imagine at this late date) and whether the district judge’s skepticism about single color trademark ownership in the fashion industry will be rejected (much easier to imagine at this late date).

British Vogue is keeping up to the minute on the dialogue between the parties through their comments to the media. And, back in October 2011, Fashionista reported that a decision from the Second Circuit was expected in early Spring 2012 “if not earlier.” So, what is taking so long?

When the snow is gone in Minnesota and most of us have mowed our green lawns in the Twin Cities at least once so far, it’s at least early Spring.

Besides, we’ve already provided the appropriate road map, here and here.

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