Looks like the V Bar at The Venetian Resort, Hotel and Casino, in Las Vegas, is having some sort of function on “Super Sunday” — February 3rd (that date sounds familiar):

Here’s a question for those responsible for clearing the ad shown above: Why bother with attempting to invite imagination (especially when the visual aspects require none) by using constrained references to “Super Sunday,” “February 3rd,” and “The Game,” when the above cut-off tee displays at least some version of the NFL’s Super Bowl XLVII logo?

For those uncomfortable staring at the tee to get a closer look, I assume it looks like this, minus the New Orleans reference, and more interestingly, minus the (Mercedes-Benz) SUPERDOME image:

So, what do you think, is this a licensed use of the logo? But, wouldn’t you expect a licensee to be able to avoid oblique references like Super Sunday?

Last, since we know that most adults watch the Super Bowl for the ads, stay tuned on Monday for our favorite Super Bowl ads from “Super Sunday” . . . .  Any guest-bloggers who want to weigh in on their favorites are welcome too!