Apparently iPho by Saigon, a Vietnamese restaurant located in St. Paul, Minnesota, is quite good.

The logo design is eye-popping, and dare I say clever, but does it cross one of the many legal intellectual property lines?

We can all agree as to the source of the “inspiration” for this visual identity, right? Our little friend located in Cupertino, California:

But, can we agree on whether this use constitutes infringement or dilution?

Marketing types, would you be proud of creating the visual identity for iPho?

Following up from yesterday, is this a job for LogoThief?

Trademark types, what is the strongest objection to be made here, and which side would you rather be on, assuming you could be fully paid for your efforts? I know, I know, a highly unrealistic hypothetical, unless of course, insurance coverage might level the playing field.

The iPho name, if shown differently, could be used without raising any eyebrows, no doubt.

Whether or not you’re a fan of pho, who says phooey when confronted with this visual identity?