There is a brand new exposer of potential intellectual property violations on the scene, meet LogoThief:

“We exist to name and shame logo thieves and all others who plagiarise the work of logo designers.”

Here is what prompted the start of the website just last week: “We started this website because we are sick of seeing our own work and the work of our peers ripped off by unscrupulous designers in an effort to make a quick buck.”

Here is their concept and the ask: “If you know of any logo thieves out there help us to name and shame them by letting us know as much as you know and we will document the case and share it with the world. Hopefully by documenting each case in a public place we can make it less attractive for these thieves to steal others work.”

Here is a pretty compelling story and an excellent example of what can be found on LogoThief:

I’m not sure what goods or services are offerred under the LUUCA logo, but given the striking similarity of the original and the logo copy, I’m left wondering if there are some logo sellers (note, I didn’t use the word creators or designers) who think if the offered goods/services are different from those of the original there is no intellectual property claim?


If so, they have not only ignored or forgotten about the existence of trademark dilution claims for famous logos, but even more importantly, what about copyright?

Even if an admission could not be obtained as to Wellness Travel copying the LUUCA logo, there is little doubt in my mind the Wellness Travel logo is strikingly similar, and when there is access to the original, striking similarity is sufficient to establish copyright infringement.

It will be interesting to watch the LogoThief website develop over time. I suspect it will be closely monitored by trademark and other intellectual property types.

The professional and public shaming, appears to be bringing prompt results, here is the Wellness Travel Global logo (related?) only a week after the LogoThief exposure:

Bravo, LogoThief!