With all the hype and chirping leading up to The Big Game, as one of the many who didn’t have a “horse” in the race, as someone just looking to enjoy an exciting and competitive game, I’ll borrow Richard Sherman’s infamous line (that he now apparently regrets, but I couldn’t help being reminded about, as he winced for the camera while being carted off the field): Mediocre.

Actually, less than mediocre, how about boring?

I’m not sure the ads this year did much better, nor the half-time entertainment, it all left me wondering if the whole event has just gone to pot? Get it?

But, there were a few ad diamonds in the rough, at least from my perspective.

Loved the Puppy Love ad from Budweiser, as did just about everyone else! I also was really drawn to the Bob Dylan endorsement of Chrysler, America, and Detroit.

I’ve never seen a Maserati ad before, and I’m actually seeing some of these exclusive vehicles on the road here in Minneapolis, but this ad didn’t “strike” a chord with me or most viewers, it appears.

Which ones were you drawn too? Which ones disappointed you? Which ones really turned you off?

  • Martha Engel

    My favorites were the Hyundai “Dad to the Rescue” and the VW
    “Engineers Get Their Wings.” The free spot for small businesses sponsored
    by Intuit went to Goldiblox which did another great ad about girls’ toys.

    But Intuit also was one my biggest misses of the night with their
    TurboTax ad. The beginning grabbed my attention but the premise made
    little sense with the product, and let’s face it who wants to think about taxes
    in the first half of the Super Bowl? Make up for your team’s losses, just like
    watching your crush at prom, by working on your tax refund? What? My other big
    miss was Maserati “Strike”, whose ad works out to about $200 per production
    car just for the time slot.

    I was actively watching social media during the game after Oreo’s shining moment in the dark last year. Biggest social media gaffe went to JCPenney, who certainly received a lot of guff with their “mittens tweeting”

    Most effective spot? The 2-second clock ticking from “24” that made my whole household go #JACKISBACK!

  • I agree with your comments on the disappointment with the ads (and
    for that matter the game). I only watched the first half and a couple
    minutes of the second half of the game and the accompanying commercials.
    With respect to the “buzzed” about ads from the second half, I
    checked them out on YouTube this morning.

    In addition to the Puppy Love ad, I thought Radio Shack’s ad where
    celebrities/musicians from the Eighties took back the decor was funny.
    Maybe, it is because I grew up in the Eighties.

    I agree with you on the Maserati ad. I thought it was a
    disconnect featuring Oscar nominee Quvenzane Wallis in the ad. Her movie
    “Beasts of the Southern Wild” that took place in the flooded bayou
    community could not be farther from those who drive mazeratis. Maybe that
    was the point — but I still did not like it.

  • Brent Lorentz

    My favorite was the Best Buds ad involving the puppy and the Clydesdales. Sadly, this ad won more by default than on its own merit. I just didn’t see anything else that evoked a positive response.
    The Maserati ad was pretty awful. First, the percentage of Super Bowl viewers that might ever have money available to purchase a Maserati has to be tiny. I wouldn’t think the Super Bowl TV audience is a good target for them. Second, it just didn’t make sense. The ad set itself up as representing a long struggling underdog. Then, we find out that all that underdog talk is referring to an uber-luxury car manufacturer whose cheapest model has an MSRP over $100k? WTF?!? To use a baseball metaphor, it was a complete whiff.

  • Tim Sitzmann

    The Best Buds was good, although I think my two favorites were Microsoft’s “Technology” ad and the “Dad to the Rescue. I thought Microsoft’s ad was well produced, had a nice message, and wasn’t too obvious/heavy handed in its use of heart-warming stories.
    The Dad to the Rescue was easily the best car ad for me, and possibly the best ‘funny’ ad. I might give that nod to Radioshack, but Dad to the Rescue was more clever than simply “here are a bunch of things you remember from the 80s.” I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like it though.