— Jessica Gutierrez Alm, Attorney

Google changed its logo this week, and the Internet is not happy about it. In the new design, the name appears in thicker, cleaner letters. Specifically, the new design eliminates serifs—the little tails at the bottom of each letter in many fonts, like Times New Roman.

Google’s new logo and small icon image feature wider text, without serifs, and more rounded, geometric letters. Compare to the old logo and lowercase ‘g’ icon.

The announcement Tuesday, featuring a short animation sequence, revealed changes to both the primary “Google” name, as well as the small icon symbol. Google stated that the change would allow for better transitioning among various platforms and interfaces. The new font may shrink easier and translate on different screens better than the old font.

It’s the first time the company has made a major change to its logo in several years. For the most part, it seems design and branding experts are hailing it as a sleek, modern, and much needed redesign. Graphic designers have noted that the new logo, with its emphasized circles, has a friendlier vibe. The lack of serifs suggests a more modern feel, but the new logo retains pieces of its predecessor with the crooked ‘e’ and iconic color scheme.

The social media public, however, feels a bit differently about the change.



I’ll be honest. The new design does remind me a little too much of refrigerator magnets. What do you think? Sleek new design, or did Google miss the mark on this one?