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The Fiscal Cliff, Not a Trademark-Worthy Catchphrase?

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With the constant stream of news reporting about the impending “fiscal cliff,” how can there be no U.S. federal trademark filings containing those two terms, at the moment anyway? Federal intent-to-use trademark applications typically follow popular catchphrases (as Tiffany Blofield, Brent Lorentz and Jon Applebaum have written about before), even political ones: President Reagan’s “Trust, But… Continue Reading

Clowning Around With Catch Phrase Trademarks

Posted in Trademarks

As some of you may have noticed, one my esteemed colleagues, Jonathan Applebaum, recently wrote an entertaining and informative post regarding Major League Baseball Player Bryce Harper’s efforts to trademark the phrase, “That’s a clown question, bro.”  This was just the most recent example of so called catch phrase trademarks where people have tried to… Continue Reading