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Mars – Helping You Work, Rest & Play (and improve blood circulation?)

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While browsing my daily trademark news and digesting some recent chocolate-related trademark litigation, to be discussed below, I happened upon some interesting discussions and histories of slogans for candy, including in particular, the MARS® chocolate bar. Back in 1960, Mars Inc. debuted its slogan for the MARS® chocolate bar: “A Mars a Day, Helps You Work,… Continue Reading

Selling Ice to Eskimos

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It’s easy to make a sports car look good. Or a vacation on a white sand beach. But what about things that the average person hates to buy? Watch the commercial below and let’s reconvene in 90 seconds:   Yes, that’s John C. Reily narrating (of Step Brothers, Talladega Nights, and Gangs of New York… Continue Reading

Can you hear it?

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–Susan Perera, Attorney Christmas came and went, and here in Minnesota it was a bit brown and depressing looking outside. If only it would snow… Sigh. However, if you listen carefully you might hear it… no, it’s not the reindeer, but maybe some “listen for” advertising? This holiday season I’ve seen a few too many Lexus… Continue Reading

Are You Ready For Some Football (Ads)?

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— Karen Brennan, Attorney Well, even though the Vikings didn’t make it, I am still looking forward to the Super Bowl – for the commercials.  I am sure I am not alone in my excitement.  In fact, there are numerous Web sites dedicated to the best Super Bowl commercials, such as this one which chronicles… Continue Reading

False Advertising Claims on the Rise

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— Karen Brennan, Attorney There was a very interesting article in the New York Times this weekend worth reading – Best Soup Ever?  Suits Over Ads Now Seek Proof. The article addresses several recent issues raised by companies against competitors over statements or claims being made in advertisements.  Specifically, companies are challenging the truth or… Continue Reading