— Karen Brennan, Attorney

Well, even though the Vikings didn’t make it, I am still looking forward to the Super Bowl – for the commercials.  I am sure I am not alone in my excitement.  In fact, there are numerous Web sites dedicated to the best Super Bowl commercials, such as this one which chronicles them by decade.  Purchasing one of the coveted 30-second time slots can make or break (remember the controversial Just for Feet ad in 1999?) a brand.

Estimated to be “the biggest TV audience in the world,” the Super Bowl presents a very unique opportunity for businesses to advertise.  Not only do they capture a huge audience (last year there were 95.4 million viewers the third most watched program of the year), but a captive audience who actually looks forward to the commercials rather than using that time to grab a snack or use the restroom.

Even in this economy, the coveted time slots are selling fast.  According to Portfolio, Super Bowl ad sales started off slow, with only half of the slots sold six months ago.  However, it was recently reported that CBS has sold 95% of its 30-second spots, and the remaining spots will fill up fast.

This year, a few of the reported purchasers of ad time include:

  • Anheuser-Busch bought the most airtime and is the exclusive beer brewer for Super Bowl advertising;
  • CareerBuilder.com, who last year, in my opinion, had one of the best ads of all time (click here to view); and
  • Dr. Pepper, a first-timer to the Super Bowl, whose commercial is reported to include the band KISS.

Stay tuned for more on the 2010 ads after the Super Bowl airs on February 7, 2010.