In case you missed yesterday’s post, my colleague Derek Allen and I finally answered the age-old question: What’s better than a post by a DuetsBlog writer? Obviously, a DuetsBlog post by 2 DuetsBlog writers, especially these guys (you can’t tell but we’re pointing our thumbs at ourselves).

We’re sure you’d love to hear us both eloquently debate and disparage each other’s opinions on just about any topic, but we decided to start with our top 10 fictional lawyers from television and film.  Yesterday was 6-10 and today, we make the big reveal: numbers 1-5. Who will be out on the town celebrating tonight? Who will be considered the biggest snub? Dear readers, you won’t know unless you join us below the jump . . .

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– Derek Allen, Attorney –

In what we believe is a Duetsblog first, two of us — Tim Sitzmann and I — are teaming up to write a post.  (Even if this isn’t the first time a post has had two authors, much like European explorers who claimed to “discover” land that people were already living on, we are going to pretend that it is.)  And we have tackled a topic that a momentous event like this demands: the top 10 lawyers in the history of TV and Film.  We’re doing 6-10 today and 1-5 tomorrow.  So without further ado, and without any explanation whatsoever of our criteria, please join us below the jump . . .

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–Dan Kelly, Attorney

I recently came across a catalog for a company that sells “modular floorcovering” — probably better known as “carpet squares.”  (They actually sell more than squares, but I digress.)  The brand?  FLOR.  FLOR?  Cue kneejerk trademark attorney reaction:  “FLOR?  Are you kidding me?  I bet they had a heckuva time getting

My job sometimes is rescuing attorneys, often from themselves. Perhaps the quintessential illustration is a comment made by a corporate general counsel recently, whose organization was responsible for a number of victims, including fatalities. Her opening line to me was, “We’re not the empathy department in this company.” However, the reason she was talking to me was that