-Martha Engel, Attorney

I laughed when I saw yesterday’s Adweek article about Heinz adopting Don Draper’s “Pass the Heinz” pitch from the hit show “Mad Men.”  Given the lackluster creativity observed from the Super Bowl ads, have we actually reached a point where a creative says “hey remember that Mad Men episode? let’s just

Today is Take Our Daughters to Work Day, which I thought was a lost day but apparently has been re-branded to the more gender-neutral “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.”  Upon discovering that I happened to select this day for one of my blogposts during the year my dad retires, this

–Sharon Armstrong, Attorney

Last Sunday was an exciting day for me, as it marked the return of my favorite TV show, Mad Men.

For the uninitiated, Mad Men details the personal and professional drama of everyone from the top executive to the switchboard operator of the Sterling Cooper Agency, a Madison Avenue advertising agency working