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If only I could be a Lego product tester…

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Santa brought me one of my favorite trademarked and patented products:  a LEGO® set! Yes that is Mr. Firefighter dousing the flames on the LEGO® tree while holding a cup of coffee.  The hero of my LEGOland! For a Lego geek like me, there was an intriguing story in the Wall Street Journal last week… Continue Reading

What Sells Your Product?

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–Dan Kelly, Attorney Which of these two signs (generally speaking, not these specific signs) do you think has sold more beer? or It stands to reason that COLD BEER signs have probably moved more product than BUDWEISER signs in the history of time, but, as with all things, context is important. Merge the above train of thought with… Continue Reading

Genericide Watch: Frisbee, Hula Hoop, Slip ‘N Slide, and Super Ball

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–Dan Kelly, Attorney Wham-O, Inc. has had its share of hits over the years, achieving “household name” status (my opinion) with an impressive list of trademarked (I am not afraid to use it as a verb) products: FRISBEE for “toy flying saucers for toss games” HULA HOOP for “plastic toy hoops” SUPER BALL for “sport and toy balls” SLIP ‘N SLIDE for a “flexible… Continue Reading

Toys “R” Us, Indeed

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–Dan Kelly, Attorney A couple of weeks ago, news reports came out that KB Toys, which had filed for bankruptcy in December, sold its trademarks and domain names to a company called CE Stores LLC for $2.1 million.  Last week, Toys “R” Us disclosed that it owns CE Stores.  While this may be somewhat unremarkable, consider… Continue Reading