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The Road Rules

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I’m a car aficionado, but in my opinion and without mincing words, car commercials are boring.  With few exceptions like the Young Vader ad from VW from the Super Bowl a few years ago, car commercials are stale and, more than any other genre, lack what I consider to be the “umami” of ads –… Continue Reading

Vee-Dahb’s “Punch-Dub” Ad Campaign a Real Hit Among Juveniles

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VW continues to live up to its "Drivers Wanted" tagline. Most recently, however, it appears focused on planning for the future, planting the seeds of interest with, and on winning over, those who don’t yet have a license to operate a motor vehicle. As far as I can tell, it appears to be a smart move. Probably my favorite… Continue Reading

You See Blue Ovals, I See 3D Spheres

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I must admit, I was quite intrigued by Dan Kelly’s Duets blog entry “I See Blue Ovals” (August 28, 2009). It got me thinking about some of the trends occurring in logo design today. My 20+ years in the world of branding has witnessed a few notable changes. Perhaps the most significant is the application of… Continue Reading