There is certainly a lot of buzz in the news these days about “Stimulus Packages” and how they might be utilized around the globe to spur economic growth and permit us all to resume our active pursuit of prosperity. Let us not forget that a brand (and the underlying trademarks that provide for the legal protection of the brand) is a rather potent “Stimulus Package” in its own right. Indeed, brands and trademarks are discrete packages of information that can stimulate any of the five senses to make a purchasing decision and spur economic growth for the brand owner and any licensees. Let us also not forget that there is much more to a brand than a name:

“By developing branding tactics that extend beyond mere naming and logo design, creatives who collaborate early with competent trademark counsel can assist their clients in finding new ways to accomplish the goal of differentiation. The non-traditional brands of tomorrow will only be limited by the creativity of those involved in the process. Who will be the first to brand eyeglasses by the taste of the tip that rests above the ear. Who will be the first to brand ballpoint pens by the taste of the cap?”

Perhaps now is the perfect time to follow Stevie Wonder’s example in developing and exploiting brands and trademarks that “touch” much more than our senses of sight and sound.