–Dan Kelly, Attorney

My wife and I recently received a gift of chocolate, called the Marital Bliss Bar, from Bloomsberry & Co.  The packaging is quite humorous:

Bloomsberry’s other chocolates are also in generally humorous packages, with some bordering on edgy, even racy — all can be viewed at its website.

Humor in marketing and product packaging carries some risk, because taste in humor is like taste in most everything else — it will vary from person to person.  For instance, this image of a bull does not make me want to dine at the advertised steakhouse, but I could imagine the pictured billboard being an effective ad for some audiences.  (And while I will concede that my criticism may generate more impressions for the ad, isn’t it a bit ironic that high quality beef comes from steers, not bulls?)

This exercise leads me to conclude that I am likely a member of the former company’s target market, but not the latter’s.  Which one are you in?