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It’s as Suggestive as a Butter Knife for Steak

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We’ve written quite a bit over the years about the Spectrum of Distinctiveness for trademarks, and the all-important difference between suggestive marks and merely descriptive ones, with only the former being allowed immediate rights based on first use. Creativity is what separates the power of suggestion from the weakness and limbo of descriptiveness. Remember the floating feather… Continue Reading

I’ve Got a “Beef” with Beef.

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Every now and then, I come across branding campaigns which make me ask "What were they thinking?"  Although the question may sound condescending, I often ask it in a literal sense, trying to figure out why advertisers made certain decisions.   One particular advertising campaign that I can’t figure out is the "Land of Beef."… Continue Reading

Tasty Humor?

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–Dan Kelly, Attorney My wife and I recently received a gift of chocolate, called the Marital Bliss Bar, from Bloomsberry & Co.  The packaging is quite humorous: Bloomsberry’s other chocolates are also in generally humorous packages, with some bordering on edgy, even racy — all can be viewed at its website. Humor in marketing and product… Continue Reading