Dan blogged last Friday about obtaining a trademark for Michael Jackson’s famous glove. Another famous person who died that day was iconic Charlie’s Angel Farrah Fawcett. Should or could Farrah have trademarked her famous hairstyle? Women across the world rushed to their hairdressers to obtain the “Farrah Do” or “Farrah Hair.”


Twenty years after Farrah’s famous hairstyle, Jennifer Aniston, as Rachel on Friends, also had women rushing to their hairdressers to emulate her Rachel bob. 

Although Farrah did not trademark her famous hairstyle, she did obtain trademarks for her signature in connection with shampoo, creme rinse/conditioner, and hair spray.

Faberge, with input from Farrah, then produced and sold a shampoo with her namesake. I cannot recall the advertisements, but she likely posed for them with her famous locks and winning smile, as she did on the product container.