This post is not about candy bars or thoughts about whether the cross-section of a candy bar may function as a trademark, for that, see here.

This brief post is about a 100 Grand Super Size thank you to all of our readers, those who submit comments, those who offer suggestions, those who follow us on Twitter, our guest bloggers, and especially, all of you who spread the word about DuetsBlog in so many ways.

Our inaugural post on DuetsBlog was a short nine months ago, on March 5, 2009, when we introduced you to a fellow named Dr. No, and we noted his or her fascination with The Parade of Horribles.

Four months later, we celebrated our 10,000th unique visitor on DuetsBlog, here.

It is with great thanks to you, that nine months after launch, we are here to celebrate our 100,000th unique visitor on DuetsBlog.

Any predictions on when we might reach our 1,000,000th unique visitor?