Rapala’s brand new Whudjagiddumon? billboard ads are now appearing in the Twin Cities metro area, just in time for Mother’s Day:

Last Summer Rapala ran billboard ads featuring the controversial tagline: More Hits Than Google:


So, what is Whudjagiddumon?

Here is my proposed entry for Webster’s Dictionary:

Whud-ja-giddum-on [whatcha-giddem-on]


  1. Another word for Plan B;
  2. Something closely tied to Whatchamacallit;
  3. Something much harder to pronounce than Whatchamajigger;
  4. Something known to beg the question, Whatchagooglin
  5. In the end, something with less hits than Google.

verb (used with object)

  1. To avoid conflict with another’s famous trademark rights.

OK, so I don’t know that for sure, but do you think Google may have played a role in Rapala apparently saying good bye to the "More Hits Than Google" tagline?