- You remind me of Facebook's privacy settings in that you don't seem to mind telling people everything you know about me

Most of you hate it, if I can venture a guess. Change is hard for most of us, and this is one of the biggest changes yet to the platform that everyone and their brother is on. And to think—there are more changes coming.

Even if you hate the new Facebook, what can you do about it? Boycott, sure. Broadcasting your hatred to the world via your Facebook wall seems to be how most of us are going about it. It’s inevitable that users will complain, but what they’re really missing out on—what actually changed.

Let’s face it—we’re not all going to up and quit Facebook. (Not yet, anyway.) But so much has changed, and there’s more to come, so we need to make sure we’re aware of these changes to protect ourselves and the people we connect with.

Sarah Kessler over on Mashable has a great article on how to take control of your Facebook privacy (current as of 9/28/11). Here’s the gist: don’t write anything on your wall or anyone else’s wall or page unless you want it visible to everyone.

This should have been the rule-of-thumb to begin with. But with these changes, anything you post on your friend’s wall is visible to your entire network and your friend’s network. Any page you “like” is visible to your network. And soon, anything you’ve done on Facebook for the last x-number of years will be available (read more about Facebook’s Timeline here).

My point: have a way to read up on the latest changes of any of your social platforms so you can keep yourself out of trouble! 

[thank you, someecards, for another relevant image]