Recently capturing this Accenture billboard in the Minneapolis airport, I couldn’t help but be struck by how far the Accenture brand has moved from its previously prized spokesperson and celebrity Tiger Woods, apparently just in time for Tiger’s recent rebound on the golf courseI’ll refrain from calling it a comeback. I’m not sure where his personal brand and endorsement position stands at the moment, so others with views on that topic, please chime in.

With respect to the billboard ad, yeah, candy is sweet, but it’s also predictably an edible inanimate object of no nutritional value that might even rot your teeth if you’re not careful. But, at least it can’t say or do things that might embarrass clients or executives.

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Your thoughts on the subject?

  • Marsha Ajhar

    I wonder to what extent Accenture’s “Tiger experience” may have dissuaded other corporations from adopting flesh and blood brand ambassadors in favor of the animated kind. Last time I checked, the Geico Gecko was, literally and figuratively, an upstanding citizen with no socially unacceptable proclivities. Let’s face it, reptiles are so much more predictable than people. Maybe because they’re cold-blooded?

  • stevebaird

    Marsha, thanks for your perspective. Your comment reminds me of the flap surrounding Gilbert Gottfried’s voice replacement for the Aflac duck — warm blooded, perhaps you’re on to something.