Sorry, people. You just can’t turn off Facebook’s migration to the Timeline.

For those of you – individuals, at least – who haven’t made the leap yet, I’m sure you’re seeing something like this:

Before you go on about how much you despise the new Timeline…well, save it. There’s really no getting around this. So make the most of it.

There’s a lot of potential in this format. Most noticeably, pictures and videos are taking “center stage” on your Timeline. As are any “events”: events like when you established your business, images from your 1950’s advertising campaign, or even when you finally got around to trying that really awesome restaurant in your neighborhood… (OK, so you can add any event you deem an “event”).

So, rather than bemoaning change – embrace it. At least figure out your page before Facebook forces the Timeline on you. And that would be…March 30 – at least for brands.

Need some help?

  • Visit national brand pages to see what innovative things they’re doing with their brand Timelines. Like Livestrong, Coca-Cola, Burberry (they added vintage advertisements), and Ad Age (one event from 1939 – a newspaper article announcing the advent of TV).
  • Check out Mashable’s guide to the Facebook Timeline. In addition to giving you tips, the author gives you great Timeline examples.

What brands do you think have done a good job with their Timeline?