-Martha Engel, Attorney

It’s rare that we focus on descriptions of goods or services here, but one of the most common reasons that a trademark for a brewery or winery is refused registration at the Trademark Office comes down to the description of services.  “Brewery services” and “winery services” are popular descriptions often used by

Another day, another new social network. Microsoft has thrown its hat into the ring by launching so.cl (perhaps one of you branding peeps can explain these misspelled words, abbreviations, and abundance of per.iods). Yes, you pronounce it “social.”

Part Google (and G+) and part StumbleUpon, So.cl seeks to bring content to the user via feeds,

Awareness isn’t just about making a name for yourself. It’s about utilizing your network and being aware of others’ strengths in a way that mutually benefits both parties.

As humans, we can’t know everything. (That may be shocking!) That’s why we have friends—referrals—to ask for real-world advice.

With a straight face, I can tell you

— Laura Gutierrez

Whether you believe in personal branding or not, there is some truth to the fact that how you portray yourself off- and on-line is extremely important. Call it “personal branding” or online reputation…whatever you want, as long as you monitor it and shape it in the way you’d like.

A major component