Brent Carlson-Lee

You may be familiar with the term greenwashing, a form of spin in which claims are made (perhaps deceptively) to promote the perception that an organization’s products or services are environmentally friendly.

You may be less familiar with the term Greekwashing. Perhaps because I just made it up (or so I believe).

Greek yogurt has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity and a proliferation of brands seeking to benefit from this health-related trend; however, the so-called Greek yogurt found on America’s supermarket shelves is rarely Greek. It’s not actually from Greece. I can accept that. It’s made from low-fat milk, not whole milk. Ok. And it’s made from cow milk, not goat milk. Fine. But put it on cereal and I think we have Greekwashing, a shameless ploy to capitalize on the Greek yogurt trend. 

Greek yogurt cake? Check. Greekwashing.

Greek cottage cheese? Check. Just add some cucumber. Greekwashing.

Greek hummus? Check. Just add some cucumber. Greekwashing. 

What’s next? Greek salad? Greek gods? Never mind.